NRA Basic Handgun Training & Concealed Carry  Classes

Approved by Sheriff Departments Statewide



 We are now offering two new additions to our training schedule.  The courses are Safe and responsible concealed carry or Basic Handgun and concealed Carry.  The Concealed Carry classes are $75.00 all others are $60.00

  The world that we live in today is very volatile.  Every public location is a possible target for someone that would look to do you or your family harm in one way or another.  Get the training that you need to keep your family better protected.  Concealed Carry is much better than a sharp stick or a pocket full of rocks.

The Concealed Carry class is designed by the United States Conceal Carry Association in order to train those who are protecting themselves  and their loved ones.  The Basic Handgun course has now been Blended with the CCW course.

The NRA Basic Handgun course is no longer being offered as a "stand alone class."  The Basic handgun course has been Blended into the Concealed Carry Class.  When you take the CCW course you are actually receiving two classes for the cost of one.

                NRA Basic Handgun Training course                                             Missouri Concealed Carry course                                              Protect  your home and family

For those who will stop at nothing to protect the ones that they love and the homes that they live in.

  •    The Missouri Governor did veto SB656 today (6/27/2016)! It looks like it will be sometime this fall before the Missouri Senate will be able to vote on over riding the Governors veto. My bet is that it will be left for the next Governor to handle in 2017. Until bill SB656 comes up again the question you need to ask yourself is.....Do you wait or move forward to get your Concealed Carry license. If you want to move forward then give me a call to get scheduled in a class.  You can have your training completed and CCW license in hand within the next 30 days.

Your Certified Instructor above is Gary Flockhart

WELCOMEto the Haw Creek Training web site.  We are here to assist you with any and all of your Concealed Carry and your basic hand gun training needs. Continue through the site and check us out.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a phone call or an email.